Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Programs 

Individual Classes: Tuition - $95.00 (USD) per class + $75.00 (USD) registration fee (non-refundable)
Admin Fee: $35.00 (USD) per semester
International Students: Tuition- $95.00 (in USD) per class + $75.00 (USD) registration fee (non-refundable)

Program Admissions
Degree Program Tuition: (Application fee applies to all programs) 

Associate degree Tuition (2-year, 60 credit hours) FREE Tuition
**Bachelor's degree Tuition (4-year) $8,280.00 (tuition covers the entire 4 years, and 120 credit hours + no registration fee)
Master's degree Tuition (18 months) or Acceleration Program (6 months) Tuition - Call for more information 
Doctorate degree Tuition (18-24 months) Tuition - Call for more information 
[Note: Scheduled payment plans are available.]

- International Students: For the 2023 school year, FREE Tuition for associate degrees. (Application fee still applies.)
[Graduate degree programs are available for international students. Contact 559.740.7741. or email: for more information.]

Application Fee $75 (USD) New students only - one-time charge 
Tuition: $95 (USD) (per individual class) 
Admin Fee: $35.00 (USD) per semester
Late Registration Fee $15 (USD) Per Semester 

To apply:
Undergraduate program: "Undergraduate Admission Form".
Graduate program: "Graduate Admission Form"

Graduation Fee is $245 (USD) Per Program 
Transcript Fee $35 (USD) Per Transcript Request (Official)

TUITION REFUND POLICY (non-program students only) 
Before classes begin - 100% tuition 
Before the drop date - 50% tuition
After the drop date - 0% tuition 

Tuition and Fees 

The Degree Program Tuition covers the complete 2 or 4-year program. The schedule of charges reflects tuition as determined by credit status. (The College reserves the right to change tuition and other charges without notice as necessitated by College or Board action. Incidental fees and the cost of books and supplies are examples of additional fees other than the mandatory fees listed.)

Billing, Payment Plans, and Collections

The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining financial records for all students using a centralized billing system. This department is also responsible for processing refunds and providing payment plans to any student who wishes to utilize this method of payment. If you need to speak with someone about your account, please contact the Registrar's Office. 

Enrolled students' statement of account is available through the Registrar's Office. The College cannot accept responsibility for the no notification of student bills to students, both current and former, due to incorrect addresses or e-mail. Each student is therefore required to have a current e-mailing address on file in the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will not remove late fees from a student's account in cases where a student claims not to have seen a statement. It is the student's responsibility to know the due dates for all payments. 

Payment Plans  
The College requires that all students must complete their arrangements to pay for the semester prior to the first day of classes. 

This means the student must either pay 100% of all tuition and fees due or enter the payment plan for that semester. In no case will the payment plan cover prior semester charges. Any prior charges must be paid in full. 

Failure to legitimize payment within the time allotted will result in financial unenrollment. Failure to pay within the time allotted will also result in a hold on the student's record and the student may not register until all fees are paid. 

Other Tuition Assistance Opportunities 

**Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program is available for ministers and clergy. Earn credit for ministry work and experience! Contact us for more information.

Tuition Benefits for Spouses 
In order to encourage spouses to participate in training, Mamre Christian Bible College offers a special tuition benefit for degree programs only. The Discount Plan is set up for only husbands and wives who wish to study during the same time frame. The institution will charge the regular fee to the spouse that is in the higher-level degree program. The spouse in the lower or same level of study may receive a 30% discount on tuition only. It does not apply to fees such as the Application, Graduation, and Assessment fees, etc. Nor does this plan apply to Honorary, or Certification Programs. Students who are enrolled at MCBC in a degree program may also receive a $100 referral credit. Refer a friend or relative to MCBC, and if they enroll you will receive a $100 credit toward your tuition. 

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy 
If a student drops a course before the first day of the semester, they will be refunded 100% of their tuition. If a student drops a course after the first-class session but before the Drop Date for the semester, the student is still responsible for 50% of his tuition plus all the fees. After the Drop Date, there are no refunds. All refunds must be requested from the Registrar's Office. Refunds are based on the amount billed, not what has been paid.