From the President

Welcome to MCBC!

We are a growing institution, designed specifically for students. Like people, we are learning and moving into our future! Since its launch, MCBC has been doing just that. Our goal is to provide students with innovative and debt-free education and to grow students with academic deftness. Our mission is to equip, empower, and establish God's kingdom!

MCBC was birthed simply out of the necessity to offer a solid bible education at a time when biblical education has become too expensive for some. MCBC is the college where you will graduate debt free. It was also created to produce graduates who are innovative and unafraid to face new ministry challenges overlooked by other institutions.   

Our assignment is to help renew minds to think and participate with God in creating a great and effective future for good and for God! We seek to create an environment of powerful and comprehensive intellectual and spiritual growth.  

We have devoted faculty and staff members who have been chosen because of their instructional ability and experience in their field. We also foster a “student first” environment; the entire faculty and staff work as a team to assist students to achieve their educational goals. You will find our educational atmosphere inviting, supportive, caring, and knowledgeable. Additionally, we offer an education that is focused on now and the future.   

MCBC provides its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ. We are confident that students will achieve their goals through our successfully acclaimed program. At MCBC, our motto is “building Christian leaders.” The entire faculty and staff will work closely and productively with you because you are so much more than a student to us; you are a member of our family. Together we will excel in the years to come. We look forward to having you and serving you along the way.
Pastor Janice Holman, PhD
College President/Founder