Program Enrollment - is year-round! 

If you enroll before the start of the semester, may receive 15% off tuition for the master's program (if qualified).

To get a discount, call to Enroll by phone! 559.740.7741 or text: "grad info" to 559.274.2675!

To enroll in a degree program, complete the New Student Admission Application.

Program Information

100% Online Degree Programs, Study Anytime, Study Anywhere. 
[80% research-based & 20% classes]

You choose a schedule that is convenient for you. 
There is always access to a personal Academic Advisor that will assist you when needed.

MCBC offers Fall, Winter, Spring, and summer enrollments. The College is open for admissions into a Degree Program all year round. Classes are offered on a semester basis. For those applying to the Degree Program, the entire program (whether 2 or 4 years) is covered through your initial program enrollment (see our Academic Catalog).

Graduate Degrees (view current courses)
Degrees in: Biblical Studies and Theology

Contact us for tuition and fees.

MCBC's programs are affordable, convenient, and available to everyone seeking a degree in Biblical Studies or Theology. (View the 
Academic requirements with course listings and descriptions.)

MCBC is here to support you. We'll help you decide on a degree program that meets your individual needs. If you're looking for a way to finish your graduate degree, we offer a program.

Each student enrolled in our degree program is assigned an Academic Advisor to assist them with their class enrollment process. 
[NOTE: Program members do not pay registration or per-class tuition.]