How to Apply

Applying to MTLP

  • Complete the Application Package and mail it to 5211 W Goshen Ave. #304, Visalia, CA 93291. You may download and print this form at the link above. (To come)
  • Include a one-time $75.00 application fee for processing and administration. This is a non-refundable fee and does not count toward your annual dues.
  • We also require a background check, please download the Release form above.
  • A Credential File will be opened upon receipt of your application package.
  • At this time an evaluation will be made of all your transcripts and your application. All references will be called, and a recommendation will be made. We may suggest that you take further classes through Mamre Christian Bible College to qualify for a Minister’s License.
  • A temporary Minister’s License will be issued upon recommendation of the President of the MCBC MT program, following a six-month to a year time period the candidate will be issued his/her permanent license or will be issued his/her ordination.
  • Each potential Minister must have begun a ministry that signifies that they have the basic understanding of preaching the gospel to the lost or discipling other believers. in accords with scripture (Mark 16).
FORM (still to come)
Call for more information: 559.740.7741


1. Be faithful in pursuing the call of God as a minister of Jesus Christ.
2. Walk closely to Him in holiness and godliness, being obedient and faithful in character, and in prayer.
3. Promote Mamre Christain Center and Mamre Christian Bible College and our Ministerial Training and Leadership program as is possible – be willing to tell others who could benefit from our services.
4. Include a statement of affiliation with Mamre Christian Bible College on your stationery and promotional materials – including Internet pages.
5. Stay in touch periodically. Email works best.
6. Credentials are renewable at the beginning of each year, to be accompanied with a report of ministry activities during the past year. The report form will be mailed to you from our offices.
7. Faithfully pay your membership fees.
8. Frequently pray for us and for all of our ministers, and to ask God whether you should tithe or donate extra offerings to Mamre Christian Center.

Program Structure

We are a non-denominational ministry and college. We are based on mutual love for Jesus and each other; and a concern one for another. Our involvement in our members’ lives is on request. Our desire is to encourage and assist in the fulfillment of God’s call in our minister’s lives. We take responsibility to assist our affiliated churches and ministries when there is any difficulty or issues that requires outside help. We expect to be received as an authority, should a need arise for correction. And we will expect that the area of corrective actions we recommend, be acted on.