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Faculty can find forms and class information on this site.

Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Directions

All instructors must download and read the directions.

Faculty Handbook

Review handbook.

Orientation Packet

Students can show the level of knowledge they have acquired in different subject areas through standardized tests and potentially earn credit for class equivalency.

Moodle Tutorials

MCBC's Online Campus is accessible at Edutraining MCBC
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Login to MCBC Online Campus

Instructor navigating Edutraining class

Downloading Moodle app
Note: Instructors can only view student discussions or quiz, but cannot grade, message, or edit in the class within the app.

Grading student assignments

Managing Sections/Topics in the class

Messaging students

Viewing Student Access Records

Grading Procedures

(see attached)

Grading must be conducted on a weekly basis, beginning the day after the due date of an assignment. Use the Rubrics for standard discussions and essay/paper assignments. (Reports, essays, papers are all considered "assignments" and must be emailed to "assignments@mcbcollege.com" for review and grading. Instructors will have their own folder to put the submitted assignments in.)

If a student is enrolled in a three unit class, they can expect six to nine hours of homework a week. For a two unit class the workload will be between four and six hours a week. Total time required to complete coursework varies according to the individual, but the average time commitment for a three-credit-hour class would be 12 hours a week, including online time if required. Regular submission of work is required.

Some courses require students to meet frequent deadlines (such as weekly due dates), while others offer flexibility as to when assignments can be submitted. In most courses, students must submit minimum required assignments as specified by the instructor to avoid being administratively withdrawn from the course. Students should be sure to read all course information carefully when the course begins to understand the deadlines that apply in each course they are taking through MCBC.

A = 4.0
A- = 3.7
B = 3.0
B-= 2.7
C+ = 2.5
C = 2.0

Note: Below "C-" is unacceptable for college level work and receives an incomplete.


Instructors must turn in timesheets on a weekly basis. (See instructions)


Our Academic Advising team is here to serve the students of Mamre Christian Bible College. One of the ways in which we do that is through offering quality Academic Advising. Students are offered counsel regarding their programs, courses, academic skills and academic challenges. Although the instructors should be consulted first with regard to specific courses, the Student Advisors are here to work with the students to help them stay on track with their classes. Every advisor should be prayerful about the students and their needs. The conversation between the student and advisor is considered confidential unless it is related to illegal or immoral behavior. If there are any actions by the student that is deemed as either illegal or immoral, the college President should be apprised of the situation, in writing.

The Academic Advisors will meet with students if they are referred by their instructor, or with students who desire additional advising. Entering students meet with an Academic Advisor for an initial interview and course selection. For more information on our degree programs, you may contact one of our Academic Advisors by emailing the Registrar's Office.

Tuition Waiver

Our focus is to provide our staff and instructors with educational development, if they choose to continue their education here at MCBC. If you are interested in applying for a "Teacher or Staff" waiver, please complete the following form and submit to the Admissions for review.

To enroll in a degree program, students must complete the Program Admissions Application Form.

For students who would only like to register for a class at a time, they must complete the Registration Form


Select and download forms from here.

Legal Policy Statements

Employee/Staff/Volunteer Form

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